Content is everything. Content is what you say and especially how you say it. While this is especially true for websites and Web 2.0 marketing, it also holds your company’s everyday communications. Think of the best meal you’ve ever eaten. The presentation of the food makes it appetizing and makes you want to try it, but it’s the taste that’s really important. You wouldn’t go back to a restaurant if the food looked good but tasted ordinary.

Graphics are great, but brilliant writing, editing, and strategy drive your message and make your communications effective. On the web: Your web site is the electronic agent that represents you to your clients, your investors, and your competitors around the world. The content must be updated regularly with SEO copy to build and maintain Google ratings. I will ensure that your web publications give your company the image it needs in order to succeed.

In print: Your corporate presentations, brochures, and magazines speak volumes about your business acumen, your commitment to quality, the respect you show your work force, and the pride you take in your product or service. You can’t afford mistakes – typos, poor language, or bad grammar – not when your success is at stake.

I provide

Web sites with SEO copy


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